Sunday, March 11, 2012


"Hey, wait just a dog-gone minute...I thought Leprechauns only had TWO legs?!"

ST. PATRICK'S DAY is coming
in just 6 days...
this Saturday!

FantasiaWear has a wonderful selection of Saint Patrick's Day Costumes, including sexy Irish costumes, leprechaun stockings, leprechaun shoes, high heel green shoes, green mary jane shoes, Irish green knee high boots, Irish green thigh high boots, Irish green stockings, green shamrock pasties, Irish green tights, green fishnet pantyhose, green shamrock crop, green glitter hat, sexy petticoat, green bustiers, green corsets, green thongs, green bikinis, shamrock thigh high stockings
St. Patrick's Day costumeIrish stockings, St. Patrick's Day stockings, Irish costumes

Celebrate the Emerald Isle.

Hoist a green beer.

Kiss a Leprechaun.

But remember to order your St. Patrick's Day costume and shoes...NOW!

-Jane Johnson-
© FantasiaWear, Inc.
Seattle, WA   253-927-7766

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